ECCN Editorial Policy

The Early Career Climate Network (ECCN) is a science-based, neutral venue for communication, collaboration, and professional development of its members and supporters. Comments and critiques are welcomed, provided they are:

  • Constructive and based on science or substantiated experience,
  • Assist in advancing the theory and practice of the climate change research, communication and collaboration endeavors discussed on the ECCN, and
  • Are intended to promote learning and collaboration.

Comments may not be approved or are at risk for deletion if they:

  • Are not based on science or substantiated experience, including unsubstantiated or incendiary opinion statements,
  • Are not constructive, respectful, or legal,
  • Deviate markedly from the topics discussed in the ECCN,
  • Contain off-topic or superfluous self- or product-promotion,
  • Are spam or trolling, and/or
  • Are otherwise deemed inappropriate by the ECCN Editorial Board.

The ECCN Editorial Board reserves the right to allow or limit comments made on the ECCN site, and to modify this policy.